Say hello to me – an optimistic, curious and enthusiastic 20 year old who lives, works and studies in the so called ‘London of the North’. I’m a loud and proud Leeds Beckett student, currently in my second year of study, making my way towards achieving a BA honours degree in PR and Communication.


I’ve known, even from a young age, that I have always been intrigued by how we interact and communicate with one another. Through growing up, education and doing work placements, such curiosity has accumulated into a deep interest and passion for all things PR – the function and ever-evolving techniques of communication, the intelligent creation of content to build mutually beneficial relationships and the strategic approach taken towards maintaining what professional bodies (such as the CIPR) recognise as the core purpose of PR…managing reputation. I’m particularly interested in how these traditional concepts of PR have moved with digital trends and are now integrated in to digital-led strategies. My focus on digital trends, aims to develop insight towards the impact that fragmented media and complex information dissemination has had on practise.

So far, I have been influenced by the various insights others hold towards the PR industry and the theory of communication. From this, my knowledge and understanding of ‘all things PR’ has blossomed. Using Crosby’s Critiques, I aim to use this to influence both experienced Practitioners in the field and students (like myself) who are beginning to build their careers in the industry. I aim to specifically express my insights and opinions on topics which develop understanding towards how PR has adapted to suit a digital-orientated industry.  I see online platforms as the catalyst for modernising and developing PR, enabling practise to be powerful and effective without the use of flash budgets, and instead the use of creativity and online strategy!

As I aspire to have a fruitful career in the field, the ‘here and now’ presents itself as an opportunity to build my professional presence. Through the examples of work I present in my online portfolio, various industry skills will be shown including: cross platform writing, strategic planning, social media engagement, media relations and event development. This will highlight my ability to: collaborate with others; adapt the communication techniques used so it’s effective for each task; and complete work to the desired standard of the client or organisation.

Being driven to contribute towards the industry, Crosby’s Critiques will invite PR people (new and established) to discuss topics which impact practise. Through encouraging dialogue my brand will create a community of brand ambassadors who relate through shared knowledge, and through collaboration, will aim to improve understanding and implementation of modern practise. In providing content that is accessible, shareable and has modifiable potential, my audience will be empowered as active participation is encouraged. In my decisive selection of valuable and relevant information, I will create credible, rich and useful content. Along with integrating multi-media to further influence and engage.

PR is ‘the New York’ of industries, the one that never sleeps. Due to digital, it is developing quicker than ever before and it’s important we keep up. My focus on digital trends will create a brand community which work together to identify and master the dynamic profession PR has become. Here is the time and place, for me to spur innovation and start my journey as a thought leader.