This portfolio demonstrates particular skills which are needed in the industry, supported by evidence of work that I have done across various PR agencies and organisations.

  • Cross platform writing: I have developed a varied set of writing skills, enabling me to select the correct style and tone of writing for different platforms, audiences and purposes. For summary and examples of work, click here.


  • Media relations: I communicated with a variety of journalists across a variety of publications, developing a relationship with them to achieve desired coverage for a variety of clients. For summary and examples of work, click here


  • Social media engagement: For various clients I planned, scheduled and posted content across different social media platforms to reach and engage target audiences on line. This also demonstrates strategic planning to achieve objectives for a social media strategy. For summary and examples of work, click here.


  • Event development: I worked as part of an events team to meet a brief given to us by a client. This task involved: initial planning, setting up the event, promoting it on social media and hosting the event (networking with target audiences). For a summary of this work, click here.