Corporate Blogging

I wrote Corporate blog posts for a recruitment agency, Ambitions personnel Ltd  Ambitions Personnel Ltd. The objective of this was to portray the corporate social responsibility demonstrated by the company and so a positive image of the company was maintained. The first post, ‘Run and have fun to save the young’, raised awareness for both the Ambitions sponsored 10k event and the charity associated with the event. Post event, I devised a post commenting on the event, which also provided internal links to important and useful information for the audience – The 10k results, images from the event and a link to the charity website was included. A third post was done on ‘The Festive Work Place Games’, which strengthened positive perceptions of the brand as it humanised the brand, showcasing genuine community involvement by Ambitions employee’s.

When doing these blog posts, I focused on a particular theme and editorial guidelines – using a formal and informative style of language and writing style. This ensured that content was appropriate for the company’s online audience and also portrayed the correct corporate image. From the masses of information given to me by the company, I selected the most valuable information, links and pictures  –the post was clear and concise, making it easily readable and incorporating a main message throughout.

Press releases

Within a Specsavers Press Release I wrote, I used quotes to make the release more newsworthy. The objective of this release was to distribute it to regional press, portraying Specsavers as a company who have loyal staff. So that content was appropriate for specific platforms, I also edited copy for the Specsavers website to ensure it was in the correct tense and edited a Press Release from future to past tense, inserting statistics and details specific to each Specsavers store.

A Press Release I have written for Leeds Trinity University, distributed  newsworthy information about two sporting and charity events organised by the University, to Leeds press.

In addition to a standard news release, I have developed the ability to tailor my writing skills and compose varied versions of press releases for different purposes and audiences: For a property client, I devised a business launch release. The objective of this was to raise awareness of the clients success and expansion, making the release newsworthy. For a manufacturer client, I wrote a press release which was directed at trade press and was a business announcement about an employee gaining a commendable promotion.

To appeal to journalists, I ensured that each press release met requirements: it was newsworthy; it had a powerful headline; it was in an easily readable format; it was concise and provided the most important information, it sparked human interest by providing quotes and provided useful notes to editor.

Web articles

For a homeless charity, Simon On The Street, I wrote two website articles which were posted via two established on line publications . The first was published on student wire. The objective of this article was to promote awareness of the charity, increase the footfall to their event on International Women’s Day and increase understanding on issues surrounding hidden homelessness. To maximise effectiveness, I ensured that I distributed the article to the most relevant and interested target audience – student wire is based in Leeds which was where the charity event was taking place. By newsjacking on International women’s day, relevance was high, improving SEO potential and so more people were reached. The article content was powerful and factual, stimulating emotion to engage readers.

My second post was published on the National student publication, Spice Uk Online. The objective of this was to use images to engage, quotes I got from a local influencer and further information surrounding the event, to create an informative storytelling article about the event and the charity.

For a main overview of my portfolio, click here.


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