For a high-end hair and make-up studio I was part of the event team for their brand re-vamp and launch. The aim of the event was to portray the company as a exclusive and high end brand. The event aimed to promote the new luxurious services that the business could provide to their customers, making them different and more supreme than competitors in the market. The event team and I ensured that we strictly followed the brief to ensure that: the event ran smoothly; guests were provided with a glamorous, memorable and enjoyable experience; and communication and business objectives were clearly met.

As a member of the events team I worked throughout each stage of the event process. In the weeks leading up to the event I attended frequent meetings where we brainstormed ideas for the event (taking into consideration the specific requirements and event objectives given to us from the client), planned the logistics for the event, came up with solutions to overcome practical and implementation problems, and also devised a social media strategy. The usefulness of social media for events management was specifically focused on to to raise awareness of the event amongst an exclusive audience and to also create excitement about the event by posting captivating content on Twitter.

At the event itself I contributed to physically putting up the event across a three story venue. I also focused on specific tasks delegated to me. I focused on welcoming guests and providing them with an opportunity to enter the event competition. Throughout the evening, I also networked with the guests, ensuring that I could provide them with the correct information about the services that the business could offer. The objective of this was to portray key messages, and so, enable the target audience to develop a positive and desired perception of the hair and make-up brand.

To ensure that this event was a success each member of the events team had to be punctual and disciplined to be efficient and resourceful within a team and for individual tasks. It was also vital that I portrayed the correct professional personality and characteristics to represent the correct image of the brand. For a summary of the event, including social media posts and a reference from the client, click here.

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