I communicated with a variety of journalists on behalf of a variety of clients (across construction, retail, education, leisure and travel industry). To be efficient, I ensured that I contacted the correct journalist for specific purposes when phoning and emailing journalists across a variety of publications: including trade magazines, consumer magazines, national and regional newspapers (and their supplements), and broadcast.

I engaged with journalists over the phone when issuing press releases by stating the points of the release that were newsworthy. I gained coverage for Leeds Trinity University in two regional outlets: The Yorkshire Evening Post and Leeds Town Talk.

I ensured that I met the requirements of the journalist by sending information, images and links via email. Plus I offered and sent out samples of new products for journalists. I voiced coverage opportunities for clients, requested forward features to identify future coverage opportunities, I followed up press releases to see whether or not the story was of interest to the journalist and I also established the reasoning behind their answer (increasing my knowledge on what was most relevant and desired by each publication, enabling me to be more efficient with media relations in the future). An overview of me implementing this at a PR agency is here.

When writing articles for Simone On the Street, I liaised with the project co-ordinator to receive relevant information and images that were required for me to cover.

For a hotel client, I wrote and issued a Press Trip release – inviting journalists to visit and review the hotel spa complex. I issued this Press Trip to relevant local journalists over the phone and sent across the information in an email to those that were interested. Several journalists confirmed their invitation to the hotel, including a Journalist from The Yorkshire Evening post. Here is evidence of this task and an example of interest expressed from one of the Journalists.

I used specialist software such as Gorkana, Cision and Vuelio to find media contacts – I using advanced search and filter mechanisms (job title, media type, location) to accurately find the best journalist to speak to and the best media outlets to target for each client and news story.

By using this software I created various media lists – including contact information, job role of journalist, preferred way of communication and notes on previous conversations for particular accounts. This ensured that my communication was particular to each journalist and a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship was developed. Meaning that the desired objectives for the client was reached, such as gaining required coverage.


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